Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy Birthday!

The Boyfriend, Gym B-day card, Birthday cake, Feijoada
3rd of July is my boyfriend's birthday, and my younger brother Ronaldo's birthday. I haven't been able to attend my brother's birthday since I've been living in the UK up until I started university as the timetables are more relaxed than school holidays. This year I got to spend birthday with Michael which I've celebrated it in  a 'quiet' way.. haha. I've cooked him a portuguese meal which is called Feijoada (A portuguese beans stew) that he wanted to try for a while. Thankfully nothing had gone wrong with it as it was the first time I've tried to cook this dish. Present wise, he's not a materialistic person, he didn't wanted anything - but I wanted to get him something anyways! I've grabbed him a gym related card (we've recently joined the gym!!) and a gray hat (small items are always safe as presents!!).

The Brother, Shingeki no Kyojin cute titan inspired card
For my younger brother's birthday, as I can't see him in person, I've decided to do something different this year (normally I just do some fun photoshop editing of e-cards haha). I've drawn.. YES.. I've drawn from my graphics tablet that I've received from Michael few years ago (Wacom Bamboo CTL-460 if you're interested). I've tried all day to master my drawing skills (or u could say trying to get used to the tablet..) before the deadline which is his birthday.. as I've never been very good at drawing in tablets. I have drawn a 'cute titan' inspired version of my brother. (From the anime Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titans which I'm in love at the moment).

p.s Apologies for my lack of blog post, I've recently retured to UK and been eating, travelling and visiting friends!

That's it for now, keep carry on. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Colour & Material

Photography by KEEPCARION
Colour Material was one of the new subjects that I have come across during my Term 1 at the ESAD. At first I didn't really understand what it as about due to the language barrier, but I think I've "guessed" it through the whole term safely. From my knowledge, we explore the colour and the material used in the design and products, the meaning of the colours and the texture that gives the viewer/customer. We were given the task to explore the man made materials and natural materials. I have chosen to explore the "Discarded" colour and textures. These (above) are the photos that I've taken for reference and I've created a copy with my own texture, colour and materials.

Mixed media by me

(Left) is one of the recreation of my photos. I've used newspaper, acrylic, ink, pva glue, salt, pepper, nail varnish, sand paper, photocopies to create this mixed media piece.

Then, I've created a book, with cut out holes to compare the real material and my created material/textures. It will be a side to side comparison without interfering the actual image.

(Below) The finished outcome of the book spread.


I was hugely inspired by a piece of work by Allan Kaprow that I've seen at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The work is called Rearrangeable Panels, which features panels covered in different found objects such as broken mirrors, fruits, leaves, cements etc.

transcript below

Rearrangeable Panels is a key work. With it, Allan Kaprow effects a transition from action painting, as exemplified by the work of Jackson Pollock, to environment art and the art of the happening. Covered in different materials, the nine panels could be displayed in various configurations: in the form of a "kiosk", or a screen, or leaning on the wall. This is one of the very first works to make the person exhibiting it responsible for its arrangement. It is important too because Kaprow used these panels in Eighteen Happenings in Six Parts at the Reuben Gallery, New York, in 1959 - the first happening ever. This new genre sought to break down the boundaries between art and life, between plastic arts and performance arts.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


March had been constant uni uni uni and work work work! Too bad there weren't any holidays and day off this month. I believe this term is proving a bit hard. Not my techniques... But how my brain work with the tasks. For example in art, the concept was very abstract and wide, and photography... The topic was out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it's hard to carry on when its not your kind of thing, but in some way, its a challenge that you must overcome.

In the first four weeks of typography and layout, we had an external teacher coming to teach us a workshop for typography. I really did enjoyed it, which is a huge surprise because I've never taken an interest in typography... And I know I'm studying graphic design but... Well, anyways! We had studied the history of typography, different countries and font lab. We sketched and traced our typography design and scanned to font lab and began to create the whole set of font! Now I can proudly announce that I have my first set of font...

That's it for now, keep carry on.

Monday, 1 April 2013


A lot had happened since January and February. Started term 2 and I'm finally doing graphic design. Its a very small group and people seem nice I think. I prefer small groups because I think its easy to know people and I find it easier to remember people faces... I am very bad at matching people and their name... This term, I am doing photography, web design, cinema 4D, typography and layout, history of design and with two option choices which is art and video. I wanted to do life drawing as I enjoy improving my techniques in drawing real people... But unfortunately I am not allowed to choose this option this term... Sigh.

At valentines day, me and Michael did not do anything, we ordered good old pizza ;) as we don't have an oven or a grill, it is indeed very special to us! I made strawberries dipped into melted chocolate for dessert...

Then we had a week of in February. I went to Paris and stayed at Izz's and met up with Zara! She visited from UK :) and yes, I did all these tourist stuff for the third time! We visited the sightseeing places, getting chased my people getting to sign a form... Which j know its a scam, and we have actually ran from them.. I was actually getting a bit annoyed as I was taking photos.... Just stop disturbing me! Dinner wise, we went back to the good Leon's! Since I've been to france, my love for mussels had grown. I've never really liked it before but I don't mind it now, I also love confit de canard - a duck dish. We have also spent A LOT of time in sephora just trying out stuff and not buy it... Haha, well Zara did, me and her had a soft spot for smelly things. I mean..perfumes and candles!

That's it for now, keep carry on. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013


H&M Conscious Collection Party wear
Tulle dress, £149.99
White lace dress, £199.99 // Black jumpsuit, £39.99 // Blue dress, £59.99

You might never see this coming, but yes I am talking about Fashion, and I am pretty sure that I would be the last person of the world that you would think of writing about fashion! Anyways, today I came across the Vogue Facebook pages and saw this beautiful collection from H&M. I must say I am not a very dress person because I can never find the 'perfect' dress because I have a uh-rather petite and strange proportion body -  which results me in always windows shopping!

I am IN LOVE with the Tulle dress (above). The silhouette is beautiful, I've always liked this kind of silhouette in dresses, bottom heavy, very elegant, it has a very strong wow factor. It really reminds of me of those Disney princesses moments.

That's it for now, Keep carry on.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Feijoada Portuguesa
After returning to UK, I have stayed in Kent for two days then somehow we all (Ed&Co) decided that we should all go up North for Christmas. That was almost 7/8 hours drive?! And I remember it was the 20th December while we were on the road, joking about if we will be still on the road when the 2012 apocalypse reaches us at 12AM.. Haha! While I was spending my first week of holiday there, it was just chilling out with friends, cooking and watching movies. Random road trips in North, random visit at Valdos university's library, Christmas shopping for our Portuguese meal, Christmas sale at Manchester... Good times. Its always the simple things that matters.

Hot Pot
I returned to Northampton in my second week. Definitely made the wrong choice to return on the 27th of December! Everybody tries to get around with trains as its the first working day after Christmas. It was so busy that I had to stand with my three heavy bags of luggage on the way for over an hour, it a cramped little space with all these people, never again. And I almost missed my changing train as... I'm just clueless about directions plus the delays occurred that day had made all the trains in the wrong places. Never trust me with my directions.

Returning to Ntown, means good yummy home cooked food by Michaels parents, it feels like home when I return in Macau. I love home cooked food. Also being in a familiar places makes u feel happier too, like meeting up with old friends... :) 

 I didn't realise how much I've missed everything. I feel so sad returning!    
Half way now...

That's it for now, Keep carry on.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


December, the month of celebrations! Why? Because, somehow a lot of my friends birthdays fall into this month, including myself and my twin brother, there's also Christmas and New Years, how exciting!  There's also Christmas holidays, which means I'm returning to UK! I can't believe how much I've missed there. I miss having the very normal freedom of knowing where I go, having a kitchen with tools that let's me cook freely, having friends that could just go on a random trip to the grocery store. Speaking about kitchen, I do not have an oven here, I can't even bake :(

Birthday Birthday Birthday, me and my brother had been planning for this birthday trip since November. He and his girlfriend, my fellow Macanese Valdo and his housemate Brian are coming to Paris! We are having a birthday weekend in Disneyland :D I'm 22 and I've never been to Disney... - YES. People would ask me why I still haven't been to the Hong Kong Disneyland, and my 100% answer would be: Everyone had been there and they said it wasn't very good so they will not return. So the result is... I have no one to go with Haha!

They've spent 4 days in France and we've visited the main attractions in Paris and Disneyland. Disneyland is magical and I'd definitely be visiting again as I couldn't go on all the attractions and it wasn't a very good weather to begin with :(  after the trip, I've returned to UK.

That's it for now, Keep carry on.